America’s Finest Corn Cutter!

The only corn cutter manufactured with double cutting action
– two stainless steel blades –

Do you grow your own food?

Are you interested in preserving the healthful bounty of your garden to enjoy months after the harvest?

Now you can eat healthy and enjoy the fresh, sweet taste of your homegrown sweet corn all year long.

Using the American Corn Cutter™, your produce can go from garden to canning or deep freezing quickly and easily with much less time than other methods.

The American Corn Cutter™ lets you take advantage of the bounty of your garden and fresh sweet corn from farmer’s markets. You can save money by preparing a year’s supply of fresh ready-to-eat sweet corn in about an hour.

The American Corn Cutter™ is perfect for:

  • Home canning
  • Preserving corn for deep freezing
  • Enjoying the delicious taste of fresh sweet corn without the mess

See how easy it is to use….