Using the Corn Cutter

The American Corn Cutterâ„¢ is easy to use and can make a year’s supply of ready-to-eat corn in less than an hour.

Follow the instructions below to set the blades depending on your preferred style:

For whole kernel corn:

  • Using a small screwdriver or kitchen knife, adjust the cutting knife to the desired depth. Be sure to not set the cutter blade too high.
  • Lower the saw tooth knife so that it will not come in contact with the corn.
  • If you want the heart of the corn, when you have finished, rerun the cob over the saw tooth blade alone.

For cream style corn:

  • Use the saw tooth blade and drop the cutting knife down.

For shredded corn:

  • Use the two blades together.

After setting the blades:

  • Remove corn by placing the cutter on a pan.
  • The U-type notches in the ends of the cutter are for holding it on the pan. It will not slip as you push the corn forward and it fits all types of pans or bowls.
  • Place corn on cutter and push over knife very lightly. DO NOT push down.
  • Wash and dry thoroughly after using.